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Classic Beauty

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All icons posted here are 100% Gemma Ward. None of them isn't Gemma, there's only sometimes another person with her on the icon.


[x] credits & comments if you use them
[x] no hotlining!
[x] comment, please, it's my only feedback
[x] friends are cool :)
[x] respect the rules
[x] have fun!


To beautiful for your eyes )

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[ 001-017 ] Gemma Ward


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all i want for christmas is my two front teeth =)Collapse )
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Hi! Im just a BIG Gemma fan, Ill hope i can find more people who admire her and talk about it. 

She has incredible photos. And she is beautiful so i love this model.
That pretty doll face its unforgettable.

I wonder if shell make a calendar someday..Would be so great.

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